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NCFC Member
214 West Market Street Greenwood, MS


Staplcotn was formed in 1921 in response to a major problem facing Mississippi Delta cotton producers: the chaotic system by which their crops were marketed. Known today as Staplcotn, the organization is the oldest as well as one of the largest cotton marketing cooperatives in the United States. Our mission is to enhance our members’ incomes by providing cost-effective marketing, warehousing, financing and other authorized services in a manner that fosters their trust and confidence in the cooperative and meets exemplary standards of business and personal conduct. Staplcotn considers our producers as our most important assets. Along with Stapldiscount, we provide a range of services to our members including domestic and export marketing, cotton warehousing and agricultural financing. The Mill Sales Program offers a flexible range of options for Mid-South and Southeastern cotton producers to market their crop. Staplcotn and Stapldiscount seek to provide a cost effective, high return program for all members. Additionally, we value our textile customers and strive to provide just-in-time delivery of the specific cotton mix required by the customer. With an inventory averaging around 2.5 – 3 million bales annually, we can consistently satisfy the demands of the modern textile industry. We also make every effort maintain our industry reputation of delivering service and integrity with every bale.
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link vào bk8Liên kết đăng nhập
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