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Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative

NCFC Member
83550 County Road 21 Renville, MN


The Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative is a farmer-owned producer of beet sugar. Founded in 1974, the cooperative has over 500 shareholders that produce approximately three million tons of sugar beets every year. At Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, we are focused on making the highest-quality sugar for our customers. Every shareholder is a sugar beet grower working hard to grow exceptional quality crops. Many are third-generation farmers, carrying on a long family tradition of growing sugar beets. For over three decades, our farmers, families and community have depended on the beet harvest as an important source of meaningful work and needed income. Our cooperative is located amid the rich, fertile fields of southern Minnesota. Our farmers are stewards of this land, and we work hard to ensure the soil and water – on which a bountiful, quality sugar beet crop depends – are properly managed and cared for. The cooperative has made significant investments over many years to improve the way we grow beets and make responsible use of our natural resources. We conduct industry-leading agronomy research to reduce the fertilizer and pesticide use, we are continually improving our water conservation and treatment practices, and we undertake regular upgrades of our facilities to make our production more energy efficient. The Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative was founded on the principle that we are stronger and more efficient when we work together and share resources. And it is this principle that guides our deep commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our farmers, our community and our natural resources.
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