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Kanza Cooperative Association

NCFC Member
200 North Main Iuka, KS


Kanza Cooperative Association () is a farmer-owned agribusiness cooperative founded in 1915. Headquartered in Iuka, KS, Kanza Coop specializes in grain, crop production, commodity trading, and feed. Kanza also offers quality energy products and services for agricultural, commercial, and residential customers in numerous Kansas counties, including four C-Stores in Pratt, Stafford and Sedgwick counties. Kanza Coop has established itself as a trustworthy transportation partner‚ providing products when and where they’re needed. The Kanza fleet consists of equipment to haul grain, fertilizers, feed, and energy products to our customers throughout the Great Plains and southwestern United States. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in linking producers to end users through Sunflower Commodity Trading, which buys and sells ag-related consumable products. Kanza Cooperative Association is about people — generations of hard-working Kansas farmers who decided over 100 years ago that working together, we are stronger. Those relationships, and that vision, brought Kanza to where it is today, and will lead it into the future by helping today’s Kansas farmers use the best products and the latest practices to get the most out of every acre they farm.
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